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Abba Payments Ltd is a premier financial technology company, developing and operating a multiregional and multicurrencies electronic payment system, Abba Wallet, that serves the entire continent of Africa.


The technology brings financial solutions to Africa, enabling people, all over Africa, to send and receive money in real-time, make payments for goods, services and other financial transactions through multiple payment methods such as debit cards, credit cards, USSD codes, email and net banking, to be faster, safer and secure.

Abba Wallet uses the latest encryption technologies to deliver the most secure, fast, friendly and most reliable transactions using the Company’s mobile applications.

Designed as the exclusive payment platform for, the Company equally seeks to establish itself as the primary payment processor of choice for e-commerce websites, mobile applications and other commercial users everywhere in Africa.

Transaction fees on Abba Wallet are consciously and deliberately set lower and designed to remain friendly and most competitive, in order to best serve the interests of its teeming community of users.


Abba Wallet is a flagship brand of Abba Payments Ltd, a premier Fintech company which is registered under the laws of the British Virgin Island under BVI Company Number 2118928. Founded by Simon Kapenda in 2022, Abba Payments Ltd is a subsidiary of New York City based Abba Platforms Inc.


Seed funding provided by Seetek Investment (Namibia), First Cascade Equity Partners (USA), SNR Capital (USA), Edgar Songanga (Angola), Ferdinand Ngendabanka (Burundi), Olivier Niyongabo (Rwanda), Julius T. Gbayange (Nigeria) and Samuel Lucas (Angola).


Project development and management by Cascadia Business Consultancy, Namibia.


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